Partner & Consultant’s Profiles

Dr Stephen Moss – Chairman


EatonCapital_14Stephen works in professional services with specialisations in legal services, engineering, overseas development assistance and management consulting. His current clients include some of the largest international law firms and a large US engineering firm, where Stephen is advising and doing M&A work for their move into Australia/Asia. Stephen is an advisor on strategy, structure, acquisitions, capital and asset sales.
He is a professional director, advisor and mediator with a background in law, psychology and business and is currently Chairman of Eaton Capital Partners and Vice Chairman of WDScott, an international management consulting business with offices in London, New York, Melbourne and Sydney.

Stephen’s career includes 14 years as a Partner and Managing Partner of Price Waterhouse and Coopers and Lybrand (now PWC) and Managing Director of a number of consulting services firms including the largest contractor based ODA firm in the Region.

Stephen‘s specialisation is managing change in professional services firms. He has undertaken a number of governance and management reviews of major law firms both in Australia and overseas and has advised on the merger potential of law firms across the world. 

Another specialisation is in M&A and the capital management in professional service firm transactions, representing either the buyer or seller. He has also advised in the IPO and public market sectors.

Stephen has a keen interest in overseas development assistance (ODA) and has been engaged in representative roles with the World Bank and the Australian Government in Asia. 

Stephen is Chairman of the Odin Institute in Europe, a past Chairman of Pathways Foundation, Director of ChildFund Australia and Chairman of the ChildFund Governance Committee.


– Professional services, particularly law and engineering

– Investment banking and capital management

– Mergers and Acquisitions

– Law firm governance and management reviews

– Facilitation of partner and senior executive retreats

– Service firm organisation and process management

– Leadership development and business transformation

– Organisational psychology

– Contractor management and diversification

– Mediation and Change Management