At Eaton Capital Partners we dedicate our skills, insights and experience to enabling clients to grow organically and through strategic growth initiatives.

Founded by Dr Stephen Moss, Eaton Capital Partners provides highly specialised and bespoke services to clients in two practice areas – ECP Advisory and ECP Legal – and lead with an emphasis on organisational psychology, value generation and high performance.

Our people are geared to help firms reshape and reinvigorate their operations and service delivery strategies. The Legal arm of the business leads mandates in governance, leadership strategy, and discreet partner search for the leading global and national law firms. In the corporate sphere, we lead M&A transactions, assist with divestments and provide guidance to clients on a range of related services.

We’re passionate about the opportunity to create value in emerging economies through overseas development assistance and impact investment services and advisory.

Relationships – how we build, nurture and understand the motivations and drivers of the people we work with – are the lifeblood of what we do. We combine deep personal perspectives with rigour and method to develop effective solutions for clients.

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Our values

We value the individual journeys of our clients

We protect legacy and create longevity. Our services and strategies are developed with bespoke perspective and insight. We are personally invested in client success and support the journey of that business or client long after our commercial relationship concludes.

People and culture are exceptionally important

A business is much more than numbers, balance sheets and projections. Every business story is unique and individual, just like the people who run them. We help clients uncover insights and gain a better understanding of their critical assets to create business outcomes that are specific to their vision, goals and people.

We have a passion for strategy

We‘re passionate about strategy, and adept at putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients. Our proven processes and methodologies lead to untapped value for clients and its our professional expertise and focus on organisational psychology that can lead to the greatest sustainable commercial impact.

Our business relationships are always personal

Relationships at ECP are built on mutual respect, transparency and a desire to build on business success. When we engage with clients old and new, we make a personal commitment to stand alongside them to create the best possible outcomes.