Impact Investment

Impact Investing

Impact investment is an emerging class of investment and capital management intended to generate a strong financial return as well as a strong measurable and positive social and environmental impact.

Eaton Capital Partners focuses on high return investments and advisory work that have a positive impact on people, the environment and the community. Our expertise is focused on professional services, advisory work and investment in businesses that deliver strong financial returns and positive social and environmental impact around the world, with an emphasis on projects in developing countries.

Eaton Capital Partners is at the forefront of an international effort to create investible solutions that meet our global socio-economic challenges and opportunities head on – an effort that we believe defines a new era of mindful investment, is core to the very future of financial services offerings, and is genuinely “good business”.

Many of the organisations in this space hold great promise, but are fundamentally limited from growing and creating significantly more financial value and social impact due to a lack of investible projects that fit this criteria. By providing capital, these organisations can grow their social and financial returns dramatically. In many cases, the principals and community stakeholders are keen for the businesses to ‘go to the next stage’ but do not have the requisite capacity to make this transformation. As well as sourcing capital, Eaton Capital Partners provides advisory services in order to equip these businesses with the appropriate management, vision and financial discipline and innovation to grow the business, the shareholder returns and the promised social and environmental impact.

Impact investing allows investors to align their capital with their values. More and more investors are demanding their capital work harder to create a positive social and environmental impact in the world and as part of their legacy. Eaton Capital Partners is uniquely placed to help clients carve out an innovative niche and competitive edge in an important emerging marketplace. We assist clients by leveraging our experience and allow them to take advantage of a dramatically growing marketplace, which is currently under represented in traditional portfolios.
Eaton Capital Partners focuses on the following areas of impact investing;

  • Global Health and Medical Research
  • Education
  • Governance & Justice
  • Ethical Leadership and
  • Environmental Issues