Legal Recruitment Search

Legal Recruitment and Law Firm Partner Search Services

Eaton Capital Partners has a well-established network of legal contacts around the world. Our offices in London, Singapore and Sydney give us access to the best candidates, making our legal recruitment and law firm partner search services invaluable.

The right people every time

We take the time to understand clients’ cultures, and we use this intelligence to tailor a strategy that will deliver the optimal results. Our targeted recruitment process enables us to find the right candidates with greater accuracy, finding leading practitioners and teams.

Eaton Capital Partners have extensive experience in the area of professional partner search, helping clients navigate the sometimes tricky areas of partnership admission and business planning through transition periods. Our many years of strategy development gives us the professional insight to advise clients on the issues to prepare to face, as well as effective ways to deal with them.

Experience to take you further

Eaton Capital Partners has a long list of satisfied clients who have utilised our legal recruitment and law firm partner search services. We have completed scores of assignments, providing expertise and knowledge throughout the entire process, ensuring satisfaction at each point.

We are a professional services boutique agency, which gives us the luxury of being nimble and able to provide customised solutions quickly. This has given us a reputation as a leading specialist in highly targeted search assignments for partners for law firms and legal council.

Find out how we can help you

Talk to Eaton Capital Partners today and discover how our legal recruitment and law firm partner search services can benefit your organisation. Call us on 1800 EATONCAPITAL (1800 328 662) and speak with our expert team about your requirements and we can tailor the ideal solution to meet your needs.