Professional Services Firms

Eaton Capital Partners is a corporate advisor and private equity investor that specialises in Professional Services firms. We have deep experience in legal services, management consulting, engineering, IT services, architecture and planning, and the overseas development assistance sector.

Within this sector we have three main sets of clients.

The first are large international services businesses that are looking to make targeted acquisitions in Australia and Asia Pacific. We help these clients find, attract and secure acquisitions prior to them fully engaging their international M&A teams.

Our second group of clients are small and medium sized professional services firms who are looking for a new ‘bigger home’ by being acquired by a larger services firm. We help smaller firms ready themselves for sale, identify potential acquirers, negotiate sale terms and manage the sales transaction. We also act for the acquirers looking to grow their footprint in the Australian and Asia Pacific region.

The third group are firms looking to raise capital against a growth or acquisition plan either in preparation for an exit or to dominate a particular market sector.

At this time we are particularly active in the internationalisation of the Legal, Engineering, Architectural, IT Services and Management Consulting sectors as these sectors seek merger partners, capital and acquisition growth.