What Clients Say
 Peter Gann – Executive Chairman HK Logistics

“I would personally recommend Stephen Moss and Peter Bergin and all the Eaton Capital Partners team for their work as M&A advisors. Their customer service is of the highest level and they both know the professional services space intimately. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone wanting to sell their business”

M&A Director

International Professional Services Company
“Eaton Capital Partners successfully led our Australian and Asian Market entry strategy. They managed the search and early acquisition negotiations for us in a highly professional and diligent way.”

Managing Partner

Australian Law Firm
“They managed and helped me lead our national firm integration process, they were great to work with and really understood our sector.”

CEO & Founder

International Consulting Firm
“Eaton Capital Partners helped us manage the sale of our company. They met and exceeded every expectation and their passion, commitment and drive gave us the result we wanted.

John Poulsen

Managing Partner, Squire Sanders (ex-Minter Ellison)
“Stephen provided us with invaluable assistance in finding our new global platform, Squire Sanders. His knowledge of the global legal landscapes and contacts are second to none.”

Executive Director, Deutsche Bank

Executive Director,  Deutsche Bank
“Stephen is an entrepreneur who has a seemingly endless ability to progress any business he involves himself with to the next level. I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen and I hope to continue working with this extraordinary man for many years to come.”

Kylie Hammond

Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Board Portfolio
“Stephen is an exceptional world-class Board Director and Chairman. He is one of the new breed of directors who are capable of dealing with today’s directorship issues and challenges. He is a highly regarded senior business executive, confidential strategic business adviser and CEO Mentor. I have had the pleasure of partnering with Stephen on a number of occasions. I have no hesitation in making the highest of recommendations.”

Suzanne Dwyer

“Stephen is a remarkable and accomplished professional. As a colleague and mentor his experience, humour, drive and energy are rock solid and inspirational. A serial networker, Stephen is one of those rare individuals blessed with abundant talent and charisma. He is able to cut through the mire, negotiate the best deal (for all) and always operates with absolute integrity and class. It’s fair to say Stephen Moss is in a class of his own.”

Nick Economidis, Social Entrepreneur

Director and Managing Partner, The Lyceum Partnership, Godfrey Pembroke Ltd
“Stephen has been a client of my business for several years. Whilst providing Stephen with advice regarding his financial affairs, I have had the pleasure of observing one of the most gifted business individuals I know. Stephen combines intelligence and energy with enterprise and passion, and the result is an individual with the ability to change people’s lives in both a professional and personal way. Stephen is an entrepreneur who has a seemingly endless ability to progress any business he involves himself with to the next level. I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen and I hope to continue working with this extraordinary man for many years to come.”

Jason Johnson

Managing Partner, Johnson Executive
“Stephen is a tremendous adviser who brings a deep empathy for the professional services sector coupled with a deep track record in facilitating value creating deals. He has provided great insight and counsel to help our firm through its various stages of evolution. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Mike Agnew

Management Consultant, Prospect Management Consulting (colleague)
“Stephen is an outstanding professional with a wealth of experience gained over many years of consulting to corporations in Australia and Internationally overseas . He possesses highly developed people skills and deeply cares for his clients, has a passion for his work and is profoundly knowledgeable around professional services. I highly recommend Stephen to anyone working in professional services.”

Willem De Jager

CEO, ODIN institute
“Stephen is a bright psychologist and organisational developer at the same time. For Odin institute he brings together the deep psychological insight (as a Jungian analyst) and enables the business development. Stephen has great experience in pushing a business forward in the right direction, making strategic decisions, and he has en enormous drive to achieve goals at a corporate level. He inspires people and is a charismatic chairman.”

Bill Maiden

Director, ANZ Private Equity
“I worked with Stephen when he was the Chairman on the board of an ANZ Bank invest company for several years. Stephen is a highly engaging and natural leader who exhibits integrity and a true commitment to delivering the best outcomes for the companies and ventures that he is involved with. He is a genuine people and organisational developer and is keenly focussed on building and shaping businesses with strong high-performance cultures. Stephen is also an experienced M&A practitioner supported by a strong track record of successful transactions. I am pleased to recommend Stephen and look forward to working with him in the future.”