Corporate Advice

Corporate Advisory – Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

We offer relationship driven corporate advisory services backed by our firm’s years of transaction experience. We draw on and work closely with our network of licensed partners, together with our own IP and experience to offer clients the following services

  • Advise corporate clients on a transaction
  • Provide or raise financing to support the transaction – either on its own balance sheet or by sourcing external capital
  • Help raise private equity
  • Trade in the shares of both the bidder and the target
  • Offer equity research on both the bidder and the target
  • Make a market in the shares (private or public) of the bidder or the target

Effective Strategy for Exceptional Results

With the global market shrinking, organisations need to carefully plan and analyse their entire strategy. Our team’s expertise in invaluable when it comes to identifying issues and helping plan solutions to futureproof your company.

We have broad expertise, offering corporate advisory services in the areas of:

  • Valuations
  • Financial due diligence
  • Independent accountancy reports
  • Equity capital
  • Impact Investment
  • Debt structuring

As one of the leading corporate advisory firms in Sydney, we use cutting edge analytics, ensuring our advice and solutions lead to sustainable growth and profitability. Our services are available for professional services businesses of all sizes.

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